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Federal Employees

US Postal Employees

NJ Public Employees

NJ State-only Employees

State Authorities

NY/NJ Port Authority

Monmouth County Overtime

Ocean County Overtime


NJ Property Assessments and Taxes

Property Sales – UPDATED through 2/2021. NJ no longer releases complete sales data

Monmouth County Foreclosures

Ocean County Foreclosures

NJ Government Checkbook

NJ Licensed Contractors


NJ Teacher Salaries

Higher Ed Salaries

Rutgers Employees

School Bus Inspections Reports


NJ Conviction Records

Monmouth County Inmates

Ocean County Inmates

State Inmates

Sex Offender Registry

Federal Inmate Locator

Accused Priests


NJ government retirees

Public Sector Contracts

Compare NJ Hospitals

NJ Election Contributions


National Archives Historical Immigration and Service Records

Monmouth Restaurant Inspections

Ocean Restaurant Inspections

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