TikTok Star Says She Needed Surgery After Losing Vibrator in Butt

A TikTok star’s pleasure turned into a real pain in the butt, literally — she says she got a sex toy stuck up there and had to get it surgically removed. The woman, who goes by the handle @sophzaloafs and lives in the U.K., shared her horror story … and even posted the X-ray images … Lire la suite

Before and After OnlyFans: Sex and the Internet

With OnlyFans’ recent ban-then-reversal on sexually explicit content, it’s clear that sex work on the internet is still a work in progress. We spoke to Lindsey Normington, an actress and a producer on virtual strip club Cool Cats Online, about online sex work pre-OnlyFans, and what the future may hold for the industry as the … Lire la suite

Vanessa Mai and Lola Weippert: Sex after the Kama Sutra?

Copyright: picture alliance/dpa Vanessa Mai (here on November 25, 2019 at an appearance in Hamburg) spoke to Lola Weippert in her YouTube talk. Vanessa Mai and Lola Weippert are always sexy and lightly dressed on Instagram. But: Both have the same limit, as they now discovered in the YouTube talk « On Mai Way ». Little clothing … Lire la suite

Bill Maher Shames Sex Workers After OnlyFans Reversal

Last week, Bill Maher dedicated a portion of his Real Time monologue to the news that OnlyFans was banning porn—or as the company put it, “sexually explicit conduct.” The paid subscription service, which is dominated by sex workers who have seen their incomes rise dramatically during the pandemic, admitted that they reached the decision due … Lire la suite

OnlyFans wants to find ‘solutions’ for sex workers after its stupid porn ban

One of the biggest tech news of last week was OnlyFans banning porn content. The video streaming platform said at that time it has taken this decision to “ensure the long-term sustainability.” As my colleague, Napier pointed out, this move is dumb. It comes in the wake of payment processors bullying the platform into banning … Lire la suite

Jeffrey Toobin is back at CNN after masturbating in front of his colleagues during Zoom call

Welcome back, Jeff! CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin is back working for CNN for the first time since last October, following an incident that got him fired by The New Yorker and suspended from CNN. “Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking very well or very much, and it was something that was inexplicable to me,” said … Lire la suite

Fire Department Called to Rescue Ann Arbor Woman After TikTok Sex Stunt Goes Awry

A Michigan woman had to call the fire department after a sex stunt she was performing on Tuesday went awry, PennLive reports. The woman, who teaches social media followers how to perform sex acts and fetishes, was demonstrating a sex fetish related to people getting stuck in objects. However she then couldn’t get herself unstuck … Lire la suite

Grandma’s Response After TikToker Sent Her ‘Accidental Nude’ Is Gold

When in a rush, texting can get so confusing. But sometimes, it’s really important to pay attention to who you’re talking to. A TikToker named Kimberly, who runs the account @excusemygrandma, learned this lesson the hard way after accidentally sending a lewd photo to her grandmother. Thankfully for Kimberly, her grandma had the best reaction. … Lire la suite

After Joining OnlyFans, YouTube Star Corinna Kopf Revealed The Wild Amount Of Money She Made In Two Days

While Corinna Kopf might not be the biggest household name, the Internet star has been making waves for years via YouTube and Twitch, sharing her life experiences and video game skills with the world at large. More recently, the former Vlog Squad member revealed that she joined the subscription platform OnlyFans, much to the delight … Lire la suite