The Lovability WaterSlyde Sex Toy Is Going Viral on TikTok

We don’t have many rules in this house, but we do believe two things: Tinned seafood is an acceptable sacrament, and our body is a ~*temple*~ that deserves only the best sexual wellness products. We have buckets upon buckets of cult-fave clitoral vibrators that know how to blast our hoo-ha to mind-blowing orgasms, from suction … Lire la suite

Snapchat’s crying filter is going viral on TikTok

Everyone is crying on TikTok. Don’t worry: They’re not crying actual tears — just ones created by augmented reality technology… found on Snapchat. Yes, a Snapchat filter is currently all over our FYPs this week. Also, TikTokkers are complaining about the price of everyday things, which is completely valid because #inflation. And last but not … Lire la suite

This Rose-Shaped Amazon Vibrator Is Going Majorly Viral On TikTok

It’s common to see viral home hacks, fashion hauls and trending beauty products on TikTok. It’s not every day you see a rose-shaped vibrator from Amazon going viral on TikTok. But that’s exactly what’s happening with Adorime’s Sucking Vibrator. It doesn’t really look like a sex toy at first but when you hear the person … Lire la suite

Bizarre sleep hack going viral on TikTok: ‘I’m gonna try …

TikTok users flooded the comments with praise for the hack: “I have terrible insomnia so I’m going to try this out ASAP.” “My mum used to do this for me,” another user wrote. “Boiled water and leave in the pan for 5 minutes on minimum heat, always worked for me and it’s all natural.” A … Lire la suite