OnlyFans wants to find ‘solutions’ for sex workers after its stupid porn ban

One of the biggest tech news of last week was OnlyFans banning porn content. The video streaming platform said at that time it has taken this decision to “ensure the long-term sustainability.” As my colleague, Napier pointed out, this move is dumb. It comes in the wake of payment processors bullying the platform into banning … Lire la suite

Naked « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey feels « stupid »

© Provided by BRAVO OnlyFans: Naked « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey feels stupid There are now quite a few stars romping around on OnlyFans. « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey is one of them. But he no longer seems to feel quite comfortable on the platform. Tyler Posey shows herself naked on OnlyFans Stars earn on … Lire la suite