Ivanka Trump’s public Spotify, which once contained an alleged sex playlist, is getting attention on Tiktok

A Tiktok from @theneedletok walks through Ivanka Trump’s public Spotify. Most of her playlists are a few years old, and they have straightforward names like “Walk to work,” and 2015 banger, “Holiday Party.” Tiktok commenters admitted that her taste was better, more interesting, and more alternative than they expected. In “Work: Focus” there’s the Sim […]

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Biden Revokes Trump’s Bans on TikTok and WeChat

President Biden signed an executive order today revoking the previous administration’s bans on TikTok and WeChat. The social media platforms aren’t out of hot water yet, though: Biden replaced the ban with his own legislation aimed at regulating Americans’ personal data. It’s a sign that both administrations share a similar suspicion of other countries’ access […]

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Diversity Officer Who Compared Trump to Hitler Reinstated …

A U.S. military officer who compared former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler has resumed his role as a diversity and inclusion officer. An investigation found that he did not violate any Department of Defense policies.

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