Ivanka Trump’s public Spotify, which once contained an alleged sex playlist, is getting attention on Tiktok

A Tiktok from @theneedletok walks through Ivanka Trump’s public Spotify. Most of her playlists are a few years old, and they have straightforward names like « Walk to work, » and 2015 banger, « Holiday Party. » Tiktok commenters admitted that her taste was better, more interesting, and more alternative than they expected. In « Work: Focus » there’s the Sim […]

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Which sex emoji to use to spice up your sexting?

Raise the tension to let the desire express itself at the time of reunion? It is quite an art in which the naughty sms are doing us a great service. And to raise sexual tension, nothing like sending more or less explicit text messages to your partner. We help you master the sex emoji and […]

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