Couple accidentally streams sex live online: The woman’s father is also watching

Horror idea for many: The shepherd’s hour with the partner accidentally ends up on the net. A woman reports on exactly this experience on social media. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – An absolute horror for many: The shepherd’s hour with your partner accidentally ends up on the Internet. A woman reports on exactly this experience … Lire la suite

Woman Rescued With Jaws Of Life Following Botched TikTok Sex Stunt

A woman in Michigan had to be rescued by a local fire department after getting stuck in a chair during a botched sex fetish stunt. The incident took place earlier this month when TikTok user Sydney Jo, who regularly posts about sex-related topics, was filming a video about a fetish involving people who are “stuck.” … Lire la suite

Fire Department Called to Rescue Ann Arbor Woman After TikTok Sex Stunt Goes Awry

A Michigan woman had to call the fire department after a sex stunt she was performing on Tuesday went awry, PennLive reports. The woman, who teaches social media followers how to perform sex acts and fetishes, was demonstrating a sex fetish related to people getting stuck in objects. However she then couldn’t get herself unstuck … Lire la suite

Men busted for alleged attempt to blackmail woman, an OnlyFans star

An Irish OnlyFans star has been subject to a revenge porn threat after a trio of men allegedly blackmailed her with a promise that they would share her sexually explicit images with her parents, friends and colleagues, Newsweek reports. OnlyFans has a policy that seeks to prevent this sort of blackmail of the woman star, … Lire la suite

Woman discovers her former teacher watches her OnlyFans conrtent

TikTok star Rara Knupps has revealed to her aghast fans that a former high school teacher of hers has been lurking on her sexually explicit OnlyFans content, Yahoo! Lifestyle reports. Known as @hailrara on TikTok, Rara Knupps, 22, spoke out in a viral video on the social-media platform, noting that one of her high school … Lire la suite