Teacher Makes Bank By Becoming OnlyFans Model Offering Sex Tutoring

OnlyFans model Eva Wild says she’s earning tens of thousands a month after quitting her job as a teacher to make a new living as an X-rated sex tutor.

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A former teacher hung up her chalk to pursue another occupation, which featured high heels and lingerie. A 43-year-old teacher from Texas quit allegedly her job as a teacher to become a highly desired model on OnlyFans.

A model who goes by the name of “Eva Wild” on OnlyFans is reportedly making major bank on the adult-themed subscription website. Eva Wild claims she is making $15,000 every month on OnlyFans, where she shares scandalous photos and is a sex tutor.

“I was timid in my early pictures. I didn’t show my face. I was too worried someone would recognize me,” Wild told The Sun. “Once I started getting myself all done up, putting on sexy lingerie, and taking pictures of myself, it was like something inside of me woke up.”

Wild, a 43-year-old mother-of-two, claims that she not only is selling her tantalizing photos and videos on the adult website, but also tutoring 75 models on “how to promote themselves and gain subscribers for up to $1,000 each.”

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Wild, who is from Houston, admits that she only made $50 in her first month on OnlyFans.

“I was still teaching at the time, so I tried to be cautious about where I promoted myself and not showing my face,” Eva Wild said.

Wild reveals that sharing provocative photos to strangers helped her marriage.

“I was feeling more attractive, and I was feeling proud of myself for what I’d managed to accomplish,” the adult model said. “My husband also seemed to be seeing me differently. There was a new found respect and admiration that I hadn’t really felt from him before.”

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Wild is reportedly now in the top 0.8% of OnlyFans creators.

“It has changed my life for the better in every way,” Wild noted. “It’s my goal to encourage and empower women to find their happiness, even if it’s in an unconventional way.”

“I do find it a little funny that I went from being a school teacher, to working in the adult entertainment industry, and that I found my real happiness there,” Wild said, but says she is still a “teacher at heart.”

“It [OnlyFans] does have a bad reputation, but I feel like it’s almost changing with how everyone is starting to use it for different things, other than what it was perceived to be as,” Wild claims. “I feel like people’s perspectives are kind of changing on it and it’s not as bad as when it first came out.”

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