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Telegram vs. WhatsApp: which messenger is better?

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The Version 2.x Telegram allows you to organize chats in folders if you lose track. In addition, the app now also promises to support animated emojis.

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Telegram is a messenger alternative to WhatsApp that promises secure chatting thanks to encryption and can also be used on the PC thanks to « Telegram for Desktop ».

Telegram for Desktop (Unofficial)
Telegram for Desktop

In order to be able to use « Telegram for Desktop » on the PC, you must enter a mobile phone number when you start it for the first time, to which an SMS code is sent, which you must enter for confirmation when registering.

Telegram Messenger: desktop version for Windows

Once this has happened, you will be able to send messages and files from your computer with all your contacts who also use the Telegram messenger and have saved your telephone number in their phone book.

Telegram scores a big plus when it comes to security. According to the developers, the technology is based on 256-bit AES encryption.

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What is Telegram

Telegram is a messenger service that claims to focus on security and speed. In addition to text messages, the service also supports the sending of images, videos and files of all kinds.

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messenger, which means that all messages can be called up on all devices and are therefore always synchronized. WhatsApp, on the other hand, stores the data on the respective device and not on servers.

In addition, Telegram claims to be significantly faster and, thanks to encryption, also more secure. In addition, for example, you can send an unlimited number of photos, videos and other files, each up to 2 gigabytes in size.

On which devices can Telegram be used?

Telegram can be used as an app on the iPhone and Android smartphone. There is also a desktop application for macOS, Windows and Linux. If you want to do without an installation, you can also use the web version of Telegram.

How Safe is Telegram?

According to the developers, Telegram is more secure than messengers such as WhatsApp or Line. For this, the developers rely on the MTProto protocol and various algorithms.

Telephone support for Telegram for Desktop and more

Using the free landline number 069 2991 7711 get help from experienced experts on everything to do with your PC and software. The call is free. More information.

CHIP conclusion

CHIP conclusion to Telegram for Desktop

Telegram is a WhatsApp alternative with increased security and better encryption. The biggest advantage for those who often sit at the PC: Thanks to « Telegram for Desktop », Telegram can also be used on the Windows PC.

Like all WhatsApp alternatives, Telegram also has the problem that it is currently simply not being used by too few users to replace WhatsApp one-to-one.

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