Telegram instant messaging teaching: 10 favorite skills including Chinese culture

Earlier this month, I introduced the instant messaging service that is currently being discussed all over the world: “Telegram, the favorite secure instant messaging software for privacy idealists.” I didn’t expect the response to be bigger than I thought. Many friends came to this article. Leave a message to share their experience, and recommend more ways to use Telegram. Many friends who love computer games find me through Telegram to chat with me.

I also gradually learned that from the previous Sunflower student movement in Taiwan to the occupation of Central in Hong Kong, the acceptance and use of Telegram in the Chinese world has greatly increased. For example, Telegram’s built-in “burn after reading” functions are very suitable for private group discussions. And his 5000-person group and public channel functions are also used by many NPO organizations and even company teams in Taiwan. These functions have been mentioned in my previous articles.

But the application possibilities of Telegram are far more than that.For example, why would any organization or team want to use Telegram for group discussions instead? Because Telegram has excellent built-in citation and tagging functions, formal discussions can be organized and searchable.

For another example, why some hobby groups like to use Telegram to chat, because he can upload unlimited music video files, and even has a built-in music player function!

In view of this, after a period of research and use, today’s article, let me sort out the 10 advanced usage skills teaching for Telegram lovers. Some of these teachings are to solve problems, and some are extended and flexible, so that Telegram can play. Some other uses that instant messaging cannot do.

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1. Versions of Telegram platformsChinese culture

First of all, in order to make “Telegram” more friendly to use, let’s interface between Android, iPhone and desktop versions.

The steps are very simple, open the following URL to join the Zhengti Chinese Culture Channel: (Or you can search for “Tele_zh_TW” keyword in “Telegram”, you can also find this channel and join it.)

After joining the Chinese culture channel, you will see the latest version of “Telegram” language files available for download in the message. For example, Android users can click[AndroidTW.xml]to download.

After the download is complete, select[Apply localization file]in the upper right menu of the file.

After completing the language file installation, you can see an additional[Traditional Chinese]in your language options. Replace it directly, and your “Telegram” will become the Chinese version.

2. In a long discussion threadSpecify reply (quote)A previous message

A built-in function worth using in “Telegram” is[Quote].

When we are in a long discussion thread, if we suddenly want to answer a sentence or a question mentioned earlier, then scroll to the sentence above, click it, and select[Reply].

In this way, when I add a reply at the bottom, I will bring the sentence I wanted to reply to before, as well as my reply. If I don’t know or forget the ins and outs of the person, I will jump back to the previous discussion if I click on the quoted paragraph. Point in time.

This function allows more efficient and accurate answers to messages that escaped during group discussions.

3. When assigning tasks,Mark and nameA contact @

In “Telegram”, users can create their own “username”, so that other people can name me in the discussion thread later, using the format “@computer玩物”.

The advantage of naming is that you clearly specify the task assignment target, and you can also introduce or refer other people in the group to find someone who can discuss this matter.

4. Add Tag #,Categorize messages across groupsGood way

Another special feature of “Telegram” that I like more is to add a tag to the message, just use the format of “#电脑玩物”.

After adding a tag, we can click on the #Tag link in any message to filter out all messages with the same tag. This is an effective way to organize messages!

And it can be uniformly classified across channels, across groups, and in different conversation strings.

For example, I can add the tag “#todo” to all the messages that need to be[processed later]so that no matter which chat room or discussion thread I come from, I can click the #todo link at any time to find all the todos Message.

This also allows Telegram to be more efficient in use than LINE, which requires manual management, because it has more built-in message project management functions: LINE’s project management method: organize scattered messages into the next step.

5. Install extraCustom stickers

I myself don’t like to use stickers to chat, but this is a trend after all, and it can also ease the atmosphere.

So in “Telegram”, you can add all kinds of customized stickers. You can find your favorite stickers on the following two websites, and click directly to install:

6. Use Telegram Send and share large files across platforms

According to the feedback shared by netizens, “Telegram” allows the transmission of a “single file” with a maximum of 1.5 GB, and an unlimited number of files can be transmitted in a group, channel, or conversation. This is very convenient for sharing large files between teams and friends .

In addition, “Telegram” is a cross-platform cloud synchronization service. The files you send or receive on your mobile phone can be viewed again by opening the web and computer versions of “Telegram”.

This allows “Telegram” to be used as our own large-scale file cross-platform push service, similar to “Pushbullet computer and Android phone to quickly push text, pictures and notifications in both directions”, but the file size of “Telegram” is even more unlimited .

I can send a message to myself, or open a private channel, and drop the files that need to be forwarded into the “Telegram” conversation.

In this way, large files can be transferred from the computer to the mobile phone, from the mobile phone to the computer, or pushed across platforms in real time.

7. Share unlimited music files and act asCloud music player

And in the transmission of various files, “Telegram” has a special design for music files!

I can send multiple songs and music files in a channel, group, or discussion thread, and then open “Telegram” to start playing the first one. At this time, “Telegram” will automatically play one song after another, until this All songs on the channel will be played until the end.

Even better, “Telegram” has a built-in music player interface, so when I start to play a song, I can jump out of “Telegram”, the music will continue to play normally, and even the “Telegram” music playback control will appear on the Android phone. Device.

Combined with the cross-platform real-time synchronization mentioned earlier, you can also use “Telegram” as a cloud music player library.

8. Generate content summary when sharing web links

When sharing web information in “Telegram”, it also presents a better screen than other instant messaging.

“Telegram” will read the link of the URL and automatically intercept the title and part of the content of the webpage to make it easier to read when sharing webpage articles.

9. Utilize third-party Telegram robot assistants

In addition, “Telegram” also provides a third-party service to make “automatic robots”. What is an automatic robot? In fact, it is a machine contact that will automatically respond according to your order.

You can find several bots officially recommended by “Telegram” in the article “”.

For example, @AlertBot, when I add him to the contact and start the conversation, I can use the command “/alert 2m computer plaything” to make “Telegram” pop up a computer plaything message notification after two minutes, which can be used as Alarm clock or reminder to use.

10. Filter out images, sounds, files and other different messages in the message string

The last very helpful design is in the web version of “Telegram”. Enter a certain discussion thread in the web version and click[Media]at the top right to filter out the different message types in this discussion thread, such as all voices, all Music, all videos, etc. This is also very helpful when used.

“Telegram” is a fast, secure, cross-platform, real cloud-synchronized instant messaging service. These points satisfy a good choice of instant messaging. Furthermore, if you make good use of the many advanced skills of “Telegram” , Then it can be turned into a management channel for team discussion and a music player in the cloud. There is a lot of room for change. It is no wonder that many friends will fall in love with “Telegram”.

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