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Telegram is an instant messaging service that was released in 2013 and is available for both Android and IOS. The app is also available for desktop, which means that you can use Telegram on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PCs. But you can only create one Telegram account through the mobile app, as you are only allowed to log into an existing account on your desktop and are not allowed to register. This way, you can see all of your messages on all of your devices at the same time without any problems. Your Telegram account is linked to your valid telephone number, which enables you to secure your account with two-step verification. Do not forget that without your mobile phone, you will not receive the activation code that you need to access your Telegram account on the website. In the event that you do not want to enter your telephone number, it is also possible to create a username.

Through Telegram you can send text messages, videos, photos, voice messages and even documents. It is also possible to call other Telegram users with or without video, as with other messaging apps. The recipients of your messages must have a Telegram account; you can send invitations to your friends for this.

What functions does the app have?

The ability to express yourself is very limited through instant messaging apps, but with all of the GIFs and emoticons found on Telegram you can find a great way to share your emotions with your friends.

It’s also important to note that Telegram allows you to create groups of up to 200,000 members so your online communities can grow and you can always stay in touch with your friends or people with the same interests. It is also possible to create channels so that you can share important information with a lot of people. But communication is one way only, you can send messages to your contacts through the channel but they cannot reply in the same way. If we have access to a channel, we can see all the messages that have been sent by the administrators so far. If the channel is deleted, all messages are gone too. Channels are allowed to have an unlimited number of subscribers.

Another function of this app that might be of interest to you is that the API and source code are public and can be used by everyone free of charge.

Positive aspects of the app

It is very easy to use the app because it is very user-friendly. The speed of this app is also very helpful in sending your messages faster than other apps. The security of your messages and media files is very important to Telegram, the chat processes are encrypted and the option to activate or deactivate the self-destruction of your messages as required is also available. You can even program this self-destruct only during a certain period of time. To ensure your security and privacy, you can create secret chats. This means that your chats can only be read by you and your recipients and are only available on the device on which you started them.

No ads appear on Telegram as this app is free and will stay that way for everyone. With this app, there are no restrictions on the size of the files you want to share. Send as big messages as you need! All your messages and files will be saved to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing important information, chat history or files. In this way, you do not consume any memory space on your device and you can always access your information.

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