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Telegram Plus APK – Android app was last updated on March 23, 2015 and version 2.5.22 is available for download here.

With “Telegram Plus” the developer of “WhatsApp Plus” is back and presents a significantly upgraded version of the messenger Telegram for Android free of charge.

Telegram Plus - Android App
Telegram Plus APK – Android App

The developer of WhatsApp Plus was not deterred by his bitter defeat and is now releasing his new app: “Telegram Plus”. With the improved version of the popular and, above all, secure messenger Telegram, you get almost all the advantages that “WhatsApp Plus” already offered. “Telegram Plus” has meanwhile disappeared from the Play Store, so we offer you the APK for download.

Telegram Plus: WhatsApp Plus clone for Telegram

The biggest goals of the “Telegram Plus” app are to improve the original messenger, to beautify it visually and to provide it with practical additional features. And that works – similar to the indirect predecessor “WhatsApp Plus” – surprisingly well. In fact, many functions from the popular WhatsApp modification have simply been taken over.

With “Telegram Plus” it is therefore possible to implement coveted features such as hiding the phone number or sending music tracks with Telegram. But of course numerous optical tricks and improvements are also on board. You can manually color any area of ​​the app as you wish, add background images and assign themes. Here, too, “Telegram Plus” builds on the large community that offers numerous themes for download.

The big advantage of concentrating on Telegram instead of WhatsApp is that the Telegram developers explicitly support developers who create a modification based on the Messenger app. This should not threaten to block the Telegram makers, as was the case with “WhatsApp Plus”.

Conclusion: Anyone who uses Messenger Telegram and misses some functions or was simply enthusiastic about the extremely extensive “WhatsApp Plus” should definitely take a look at “Telegram Plus”. If you prefer to stay with WhatsApp, you will find it with WhatsApp Plus material.

Note: In our practical article we will show you how to install an APK file on your device.

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