The power of erotic words; sexting with 14 men in 14 months!

Special collaboration: Kim Vaillancourt

Special report on Sexting

I searched for a long time how to begin my testimony. Let’s take the elephant out of the closet right from the start: My name is Kim and I just lost my virginity at 40. Without going through the history of my life, let’s just say that the circumstances made it not happen before. A catch-up of the last twenty years has just been done. With the writing of my first manuscript where I wrote six erotic moments, and my sporadic stint on dating apps, I ventured into naughty discussions with men. Discussions with which I became more and more comfortable, being very good with words, suggestions and pictorial evocations.

Between April 2020 and June 2021, there were about fourteen men with whom I had this kind of discussion. Going from one day to three months. Often, I passed my erotic writings on the man. It’s crazy to see how words have immense power. If I didn’t get anything out of it at first, except an authoritative appreciation that my words could make men erect, now it’s different. Last December, I had a virtual relationship with a man in an open relationship to become his regular lover. With him, the exchanges and the naughty photos began more seriously.

The excitement that words can elicit is dizzying. It was also with him that I was comfortable talking about my non-sexual experience with a partner, because I still had a very satisfying sex life with myself. This relationship ended last April without anything physical happening. There followed four other men, of whom I announced quite early my non-experience. My only naughty photo combined with my ease of words to describe erotic moments often acts quickly, too even. If I found it good with the man in an open relationship, the other moments often left me with a very bitter taste in the mouth. Sometimes feeling almost like a girl of joy from words.

While being consenting, because it was I who offered them my photo and my words, I came to feel very bad, very uncomfortable in the fact that a man, for a while, masturbates , and tell me, looking at my photo and then move on. I even wanted to burn my photo because I felt like a playmate. But despite all that, I still want to do sexting, the words feed me so much that it feeds the imagination, the fantasies, but I remain very careful. And above all, the author that I am is inspired by other literary stories …

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