The sixth also go to heaven

Finish the LaLiga SmartBank season as sixth classified It is often interpreted as gaining access to the promotion play-off’on the edge‘ or as the ‘least good’ of the four teams that will fight for the last place to play in the First Division.

However, the most recent history shows that entering this knockout round from the sixth placewhich forces to play the second leg of the semifinal and, if necessary, the final, in the opposite field is not, far from it, synonymous with not being able to climb.

Los most recent cases we have them in the last two seasons. In them, the Ray a year ago and elche two years ago they got the last passport to LaLiga Santander starting in the playoff from sixth place in the regular classification. A position that did not weigh them down at the moment of truth and that catapulted them to the highest category.

In fact, if we take a look at the last ten seasons we will see that in four Of these, the third team to achieve promotion, after the first two classifieds who obtained it automatically, were the ones that disputed the playoff with the worst classification of the four participants.

In addition to the aforementioned cases of Ray y elchein 2015-16 it was health who got it and in 2013-14 the Córdoba. With the added value, in the case of the Andalusian side, that they entered the playoffs as seventh classified, since Barça B, who had been ahead, could not play the playoffs as they could not be promoted to the First Division.

In three other of these ten most recent seasons, the sixth-place finisher advanced from the first semi-final but fell in the final: the depose in 2018-19, the Numantia in 2017-18 and the Zaragoza in 2014-15. and only the Huesca (2016-17), the palms (2012-13) y Córdoba (2011-12) fell to the first change after reaching the playoffs as sixth classified in the regular league.

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This course is the Girona the team that must defend its fate in the playoff starting from sixth place. It is the third season in a row that the Catalans face this knockout round with a final in LaLiga Santander. The objective, to accompany Primer on his return to Valladolid and Almería. Although it may seem so, history is not against him. Also for the sixth there is room in the sky of LaLiga Santander.

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