The vaginal fart: oops, my vagina is farting!

Vaginal fart, a fart like any other?

« Since the birth of our baby, our sexual relations are more spaced, between fatigue, lack of time, the aftermath of childbirth … But that evening, our libido was at the max, we had spent a very pleasant time . While we were cuddling after this intimate moment, my vagina made the sound of a deflating balloon! Fortunately, we laughed about it, but for the sexy moment, we will come back! « , S  » amuses Clemence. This young mother has experimented with what is known as a vaginal fart (or pussy fart, puss fart, frout or even a cat explosion as the comic troupe Les Nuls has called it).

So, what are the causes of these frouts you are probably asking yourself? Rest assured right away: vaginal farting has nothing to do with gas. The use of the word « fart » is a misnomer, because the sound produced may resemble that of flatulence, but vaginal farting is not the result of bacterial fermentation unlike a classic fart. Rather, it is air that has entered the vagina, unrelated to your digestive system … so vaginal fart does not smell and does not indicate a health problem either. Finally, unlike the fart coming from the rectum, it cannot be contained and is therefore not controllable (or very difficult).

The relaxation of the perineum in question

Being a mother can promote the emission of these gases from the vagina. In fact, women who experience a vaginal birth generally have a more relaxed vagina than nulliparas. This is also the case for women who have had repeated constipation problems: if you had to push hard to go to the bathroom, your perineum may have clenched a glass. Behind the vaginal fart can therefore hide a relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. A so-called hypotonic vagina, when it lacks tone in other words, is one of the explanations for frout.

Fortunately, it is quite possible to re-educate your perineum and it is also highly recommended after pregnancy, and not only to avoid vaginal noise. Perineal rehabilitation allows above all to avoid other more problematic disappointments such as prolapse (descent of organs) or urinary leaks. To strengthen your perineum, several solutions are available to you. Specialized rehabilitation sessions with the physiotherapist or midwife are often encouraged in post-pregnancy. Kegel exercises are also very well known and can be done either at home or with the support of a professional. Geisha balls are also real allies for a more toned perineum. There are now even connected objects and applications to help you!

Situations that promote vaginal farting

Mothers are not the only ones who may be confronted with vaginal farting and certain activities can promote its occurrence:

  • Sexual intercourse, and in particular certain sexual positions

A frout comes from air in the vagina. During intercourse, the vagina expands under the effect of arousal and thus opens more, which increases the possibility of air entering it. The comings and goings of a penis or of a finger will therefore make a sort of call for air. Some positions are also more conducive to vaginal farts, such as doggy style, but every body is different, so it’s hard to make it a golden rule.

  • During an orgasm or intense lubrication

Moreover, when the woman is under the action of intense arousal, the vagina relaxes and becomes moist. It then becomes more slippery, which facilitates the entry of air.

  • Movements that act on the opening of the vulva

Vaginal farts can occur at other times than during intimate relationships, although this is less common. Certain movements, such as sitting down and then getting up, also act on the opening, and therefore on the air intake.

  • The practice of certain sports

Certain sports activities promote relaxation of the perineum. This is particularly the case for running or doing sit-ups, due to the shocks and pressures exerted on the pelvic floor. The posture of the candle in yoga will for its part create calls for air that promote vaginal farting (and farts for that matter). However, yoga is an excellent way to strengthen this area of ​​your body, so it is still highly recommended to avoid frouts.

Your reactions to vaginal farting

The first time this happens, it may come as a surprise, especially for a young girl in the early stages of her sex life. Still, there is nothing more normal. This is why it may be necessary to say that vaginal farting exists and can occur in all women. Accepting it and laughing thus seem to be the best weapons in the face of this somewhat annoying noise. « I find it borderline cute, » Lydia confides. « I can’t really control the noise when it happens to me that we have fun. My husband would even like it to happen more often, it makes him laugh a lot! », Says Lea for his part. After all, you have already gone through many other ordeals with your partner, he may have attended your childbirth for example, so it is not a small frout that will jeopardize your privacy. Since you can’t really control it, you might as well laugh about it. In addition, in many cases it attests to a moment of relaxation and / or pleasure, so you might as well welcome it with kindness!

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