This is how the formats of the Second and Third RFEF will be




Semanates from novelties and formats for the new competitions of the organization chaired by Luis rubiales. With five teams still to be determined in the second RFEF we already know the formats of this competition and also that of the new Third RFEF.

Regarding the competition that resembles the old Second B, the following should be noted:

second RFEF

  • Be made up of five groups of 18 teams each based on geographic criteria. So in total there will be 90 clubs, of which we already have confirmed up to 85.
  • The champions of each of the five groups go up.
  • From the second to the fifth they play a Playoff at a neutral venue, mixing between the groups for the five remaining promotion spots.
  • The last five of each group go down. The four worst sixths in the queue will play a Playoff in a neutral venue from which two teams will be relegated to the Third RFEF

Third RFEF

  • There will be 18 groups divided territorially and the 18 champions will rise directly.
  • There will be a Playoff in each Territorial Federation from which another 18 teams will come out, which will be played in a neutral venue for the remaining nine places for promotion to Second RFEF

So we are already getting to know what the Second and Third RFEF formats will be like, where clubs such as the Hercules, Numancia, Cordoba (Second RFEF) and Marbella or Recreational (Third RFEF), among many other clubs with history.

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