Tiktok Answers Sex Questions From a Baby Gay & We’re Taking Notes

Being a baby gay can be a really confusing time; a whole new world has opened up for you and there’s so much to learn — including in the bedroom. It’s natural to have some questions, which is why when TikTok user @jazellesartistry took to the social media platform to ask some hard-hitting questions, what happened next was both hilarious and so relatable.

In her case, @jazellesartistry, also known as Jazelle Foster (a working actor based in Atlanta), wanted the, well… ins-and-outs of how exactly to be intimate with a woman if you’re rocking some acrylic nails.

To be fair, that’s not exactly something covered in health class.

TikTok users came through for Foster, offering her plenty of advice; however, it ended up leaving the self-described “baby gay” with even more questions. So she posted again, this time with a notebook and pen in hand.

Foster also opened up about feeling a little insecure with regard to her new moves in the boudoir.

But it’s not all sex questions — she also shared some of the surprising joy of first-time queer love, like discovering previously unknown love languages.

And the surprising (and disappointing) ways that the community lets down bisexuals.

Foster’s story is one that just about any budding gay can connect with — all the curiosity, excitement, and occasional insecurity — and the honesty and vulnerability she exudes make her journey a joy to watch. That being said, if she figures out the whole acrylic nails thing, slide into the DMs and give us the tips too.

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