TikTok Sex Hacks That Are Actually Legit

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TikTok is a magical place where we can learn a fingering technique that involves an egg yolk just as easily as we can learn a hack for separating eggs. Today, we’re here today to talk about the former—that is, viral sex tips on TikTok. Are any of them actually legit? We tapped gynecologist Amy Roskin, MD, CMO of Favor, to find out. Below, she breaks down TikTok sex tips that actually work.

The stomach tip

“This tip recommends pressing down on the person with a vagina’s stomach for arousal. The area close to your navel and lower stomach is an erogenous zone. Leveraging this area during intercourse can be pleasurable for the partner with a vagina.”

Tantric sex

“The term ‘tantric sex’ can refer to an ancient practice that can combine spirituality, sexuality, mindfulness, and intimacy. While we live in such a busy world, being mindful and focused on sex actually increases levels of pleasure when engaging in intimacy with our partner. This tip also emphasizes communication with your partner, which often leads to more comfortable and better sex.”

The pillow tip

“When placed under the hips of the person with a vagina while having sex, a pillow can take the pressure off painful joints and puts the body in an angle that allows for deeper penetration. There are even a number of pillows specifically made for sex to optimize pleasure.

Tilting the pelvis straightens the vaginal canal, providing a more convenient angle for penetration. It can also provide easier access to the G-spot, a particularly sensitive area within the vagina’s clitoral framework.”

The “coregasm”

“A ‘coregasm’ is simply an orgasm that happens during core exercise or after the body is fatigued from a strenuous core workout, and is more often reported in women and people with vaginas. It typically occurs completely separately from sex and arousal (and is asexual in nature), though core exercises do often strengthen the pelvic floor, which can lead to more pleasure during sex.”

“There are so many sex-related TikTok trends and tips, it can be hard to keep track!” Dr. Roskin says. “But the most important thing is consent and open communication about your partner’s preferences.”

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