TikTok’s The Fantasy Bakery’s Most Beautiful Desserts

There’s something so relaxing (and drool-inducing) about watching videos of beautiful desserts coming to life. From mixing the first few ingredients to the final sugary touches, every step is mesmerizing to watch. This point alone could be why TikToker @thefantasybakery has over one million followers who love her page, or it could be that she creates some of the most beautiful desserts we’ve ever seen. Baking from her home (often in her living room!), Fatima has gained a loyal following on the app, proving that her creations are more than just mouthwatering. Complete with eye-catching geode cakes to gold-covered popsicles, every dessert is more impressive than the last.

If you’re looking to get baking inspiration or if you’re just here to enjoy some cooking ASMR, The Fantasy Bakery can give you all that and more. Fatima’s page is filled with everything from giant homemade cinnamon rolls to butterfly-themed cakes that are almost too enchanting to eat, plus more sweet treats that’ll make you swoon. Take a look at some of our favorite videos from her page ahead, and be sure to check out her TikTok here. Be warned: you just might drool and be awestruck at the same time!

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