Tutorials to Remove Filter Found on YouTube

  • The « silhouette challenge » has gone viral on TikTok, with people obfuscating their bodies and posing.
  • Many pose in tight or little clothing while silhouetted.
  • Tutorials to remove the filter, and expose participants’ bodies, are circulating online and remain on YouTube, despite warnings and outcry from women.
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A challenge in which people pose with the help of a red filter that makes them appear as a silhouette has taken over TikTok. Now, however, the trend has soured as tutorials to remove the filter — and expose the individuals — have proliferated online, BuzzFeed News reported.

Set to a mashup of Paul Anka’s « Put Your Head On My Shoulder » with Doja Cat’s « Streets » that was uploaded by TikTok user @giuliadinicolantonio, the silhouette challenge involves walking around in loose clothing and then dancing or posing when the music transitions, appearing as a silhouette backlit by a red light. The trend appears to use Snapchat’s « vin rouge » filter for the red light effect. As a silhouette, participants wear less clothing than in the first part of the video, occasionally wearing lingerie or posing nude.

Some videos associated with the trend have amassed millions of likes.

Similar trends in which users choose to show their bodies in tight or revealing clothing have gone viral on TikTok before; most recently the « Body » challenge saw users posting photos of themselves in form-fitting clothing, bikinis, or without shirts.

Now, however, tutorials on how to remove the filter used in the silhouette challenge— thereby exposing participants’ bodies — are circulating online, with a number remaining active on YouTube.

BuzzFeed News’ Lauren Strapagiel reported that one subreddit dedicated to edited videos called r/SilhouetteUnflitered had been banned (according to the landing page, for violating Reddit’s involuntary pornography rules), and at least two Twitter accounts that were taking requests to edit the silhouette videos had been suspended.

Others on Twitter and Facebook have spread warnings about the challenge and condemned those removing the filter.

BuzzFeed News also reported that chatter about the risks of the challenge was spreading on TikTok as well, with users warning each other that the clothes they wear during the silhouette portion of the video could potentially be exposed through editing tricks.

YouTube did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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