What is the TikTok kink test and how is it performed?

TikTok has come up with another crazy « challenge, » but this time it’s a personality test.

An online questionnaire offering consumers a breakdown of their sexual type in exchange for some personal information was discovered by the short video platform.

While many TikTok users refer to the quiz as the « kink test », it is officially called the BDSM test and was founded in 2014 with a mission to « help beginners figure out which labels are right for them or not ».

The “fun and educational test” comes in two forms, a “short and easy test with reasonable accuracy” for those who have little interest in finding out what the implications of their risk is, and a “maximum accuracy” version which is recommended for those. strong in BDSM.  »

The questions are formulated as a checklist with statements that the test participants rated on a scale from absolutely disagree to absolutely agree. Statements include, « I prefer to make sexual choices for my partner because it gives me more control, » « I enjoy people watching me naked or having sex, » and « I would love to have sex with several people at the same time. » . « 

The site then rates the sexual qualities of the taker by percentage and tells him to what extent he is a voyeur, submissive, vanilla, brat, sadist, exhibitionist, and masochist, among others.

The test, which has been available online for years, is trending on TikTok as fans post pictures of their results and talk about them.

Other tests to find virality on the platform included the color personality test and a test that supposedly helps women tell if they are secretly lesbian.

The former helps internet users determine the color of their vibe, and the latter mostly just repeats a feminist concept that will help them figure it out should someone not know they are actually gay.

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