Which sex emoji to use to spice up your sexting?

Raise the tension to let the desire express itself at the time of reunion? It is quite an art in which the naughty sms are doing us a great service. And to raise sexual tension, nothing like sending more or less explicit text messages to your partner. We help you master the sex emoji and the naughty smileys to exploit all the possibilities offered by emoticons!

The sexual emoji, the new sexting

Before, there were sexting, or the sexual version of texting, that we exchanged feverishly with a partner to raise desire throughout the day … before meeting again! The excitement was rising with a flow of more and more messages hot and sometimes a little raw. Without forgetting the rebellious side: we had the feeling of breaking the rules by secretly sending naughty sms even when we were at work! With sexmojis, the principle remains the same. But you no longer need to bring out your finest pen and your talents as a poet to perfectly articulate your emotions. Unhinging sexting, sexmojis have invaded our screens and are invited into naughty games.

What sexual emojis to use to spice up your naughty texts?

While some symbols have been given sexual connotations, it is not always easy to know which ones or how to use them. Worse, it happens that some of them are misinterpreted and that we are completely missing the point. To avoid missing a call from your partner’s foot, make your text messages even more naughty, we reveals the (more or less) hidden meaning of 8 emojis commonly used to raise the temperature! Be careful not to make a mistake (especially concerning the recipient of the sms!): misused some emojis are a real disaster!

No need to panic: no, no, there is no fire. At least not in a concrete way! Rather, this emoji is used to let someone know that they are making us hot. In short, we use it to say that we have ideas’hot’ on your mind.

  • The « forbidden at least 18 years old » emoji

No need to look for a hidden meaning, this emoji is explicit! To say that we have naughty intentions behind our heads or that our thoughts wander towards intimate moments, we use this emoticon sex.

  • The eggplant emoji or banana emoticon

… or any phallic shaped emoji like cactus, corn, hot dog is used to denote male sex. It’s simple, clean and efficient. While most accept a double meaning, one should be particularly vigilant with eggplant – namely thenaughty emoji n ° 1 -: an ‘eggplant’ emoticon almost NEVER refers to a vegetable (although we can use the cactus emoticon to talk about a cactus); we are also very vigilant with bananas, which are often ambiguous.

This peach nicely rounded, isn’t it? So much so that many users use it to refer to the buttocks. And celebrities, Kim K in mind, have even validated this interpretation. It is true that it is rather similar, isn’t it?

In sexmoji language, cherries symbolize breasts. In short, each part of the anatomy has its fruit … And, of course, it’s no coincidence that all these symbols are food – we’ll let you meditate on that … and we’ll talk about it again with the last one. emoji from this list -!

Also available in an “eggplant + jar of honey”, “baguette + donut” version. Again, it is rather explicit: we cannot say that it is necessary to deploy treasures of the imagination to pierce the hidden meaning!

This explosion is the apotheosis, it symbolizes the orgasm. The « bomb about to explode » and « fireworks » emojis also do very well to tell your interlocutor that you are at the height of excitement!

Here we are ! The sexual connotation escapes you? Pair it with cherry, eggplant or peach. It immediately becomes more explicit, doesn’t it? With the language as with other emojis, we multiply the combinations to create a kind of rebus. A fun way to increase desire!

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