Who is Vanessa Sierra, OnlyFans star and Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend

She’s the WAG giving an unfiltered insight into life inside Bernard Tomic’s hotel quarantine ahead of the Australian Open.

While the tennis star’s girlfriend Vanessa Sierra is a new face in the sports circle, the reality contestant turned “porn” star has a legion of her own followers.

The 26-year-old’s first foray into fame came from her stint on popular dating show, Love Island Australia, in 2019.

While on the show – which that year was filmed in Fiji – Vanessa dated Matt Zukowski, but the romance quickly fizzled out.

After being booted from the show single, Vanessa met YouTube prankster Luke Erwin and the pair became an item.


With her now ex-boyfriend, Vanessa – who has a degree in finance and economics – launched an OnlyFans account, selling subscriptions to access explicit photos and videos of herself for $20.

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The X-rated venture quickly became a huge success, with Vanessa revealing in June 2020 she had made it into the top 0.01 per cent of all creators using the platform.

She celebrated the victory into amateur porn by sharing a topless photo on her Instagram Stories with a screenshot of the title protecting her modesty.

While Vanessa has said she doesn’t like to talk about how much she earns selling the raunchy content, according to Influencer Marketing Hub she can earn as much as $3700 per post on her Instagram page which has one million followers. In comparison, her backup account which has 100,000 followers can only earn Vanessa between $400-$669.


However as Vanessa uses the social media platform to promote her OnlyFans business, her account was shut down in December for violating community standards with her racy photos.

In a tear-filled rant on her “backup” Instagram account, Vanessa said “no one gives a f**k” about the fact she’s lost her income.

“I’ve worked on my social media for a very long time. I don’t use it for fun; I use it for business. The f**ked up thing is that if someone loses their job because of COVID, everyone feels sorry for them,” she sobbed.

“But if someone like me loses their Instagram account, which is my job, no one gives a f**k. Everyone tells me to get over it. Literally zero person cares.

“No one understands how f**ked it is to lose your job and have no one give a sh*t because it falls under the category of social media.”

In a bid to shut down those who told her to “get a real job”, Vanessa explained it wasn’t just her affected as she hires other people too.

“I hire my brother full-time, I hire another person full-time, I support my grandmother and other people in my family,” she said.

“I hire a lot of models as well, who I pay to work with. It’s not just me, a lot of people lose income other this. It’s not just me, it’s affected a lot of people.”


While the account is still closed, Vanessa is posting sexy snaps on her “backup” account, posing in skimpy bikinis and tiny hot pants.

Images from her former account are still widely circulated online, showing she pushed the platform’s no nudity rule to the limits.

One photo she posted in April landed her in hot water, when followers blasted her for wearing a bikini made out of disposable face masks at the height of the coronavirus pandemic when the essential item was in short supply.

However Vanessa denied the outfit was wasteful, insisting the medical masks were “used”.

Other seriously skimpy snaps include posing completely naked with her ex using water pistols to protect her modesty and posing on the side of a pool wearing only a red bikini top with a giant rubber duck between her legs.


Vanessa went official with tennis bad boy Bernard Tomic in November and has gone on to appear in a number of provocative Instagram photos as well as on her OnlyFans page.

In one photo, Tomic was pictured biting his girlfriend’s bum while a video shared in late November after spending the night at a swanky hotel together shows Tomic playing with his girlfriend’s bikini.

Tomic’s most recent appearances in Vanessa’s steamy social media feed however have been far less glamorous.

It began with the X-rated star joining Tomic on a trip to Doha, Qatar, last week where he successfully qualified for the Australian Open which is set to kick off on February 8.

After returning to Melbourne, the pair have commenced 14 days of quarantine together, as per Australia’s coronavirus rules.

She shared an exclusive preview into their quarantine reality with NCA NewsWire on Monday that showed them in a small hotel room, with Vanessa complaining about the hotel’s food offerings, saying the pair were instead ordering Uber Eats, “because the food is sh*t”.

She explained nobody had cleaned their room, they didn’t get fresh sheets, and were forced to wash their dinner plates in the bathroom sink.

Despite other players being able to hit tennis balls against walls and windows in their hotel rooms in videos posted to social media, Ms Sierra said their “tight space” only allowed for “minimal yoga”.

Instead they spent about 11 hours a day playing video games.

“I played Pokemon for 11 hours straight yesterday and I think 12 hours straight the day before,” Ms Sierra said.

“Bernard’s been playing World of Warcraft for about the same time I’ve been playing Pokemon.

“It’s sort of all we’ve got as an option.”

In another video she claimed the “worst part of quarantine” was the fact she couldn’t have her hair washed at the hairdresser.

“I don’t wash my own hair. I’ve never washed my own hair. It’s just not something that I do. I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me, so this is the situation that we’re dealing with,” she said.

After detailing her experiences in hotel quarantine, Vanessa was criticised online including from Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios who tweeted: “I don’t mind Bernie but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes.”

She then responded to the backlash, labelling it a “witch hunt” and claiming she’s been receiving death threats as a result.

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