Why is ‘TikTok leak room’ trending?

THE controversial account TikTok Leak Room joined Twitter in November 2016 and has amassed over 30,000 followers.

The profile, operated by an anonymous Twitter user, shares private and leaked videos of TikTok stars, internet celebrities and TV stars.

The Twitter account 'TikTok Leak Room' began trending on August 31


The Twitter account ‘TikTok Leak Room’ began trending on August 31Credit: Alamy

Why is ‘TikTok leak room’ trending?

On August 31, the profile – which prays on innocent people to spread private pics – began trending on Twitter after allegedly posting explicit content of actor Peyton Meyer, 22.

Meyer is best known for his role as Lucas Friar on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World and his recurring role as Wes Manning on Disney’s Dog with a Blog. He recently starred in the Netflix movie He’s All That.

According to Twitterers, the warped account allegedly shared a private video of the 22-year-old that stemmed from his OnlyFans page on Twitter and TikTok.

The viral video allegedly shows Meyers in a compromising situation with a female, who many are claiming is his girlfriend.

People who reportedly viewed the content claim TikTok Leak Room shared a full thread of half a dozen tweets, including Meyer’s video with his female companion and nude videos and pictures of the actor.

The 22-year-old has yet to respond to the alleged leak despite the account’s content going viral.

Meyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Sun.

The Sun could not independently verify if Meyer was, in fact, featured in the content.

What are people on Twitter saying?

Social media users quickly took to Twitter to comment on the video, as many were shocked to see the Disney actor in it.

One person shared: « Why did I come across a leaked video of Peyton Meyer f******. »

Another Twitterer wrote: « I did not just see a video of peyton meyer doing the nasty. »


« the way i gasped omg DISNEY GET UR PPL PLS, » tweeted a fourth person.

Twitter users woke up on August 31 and allegedly viewed some explicit content of actor Peyton Meyer making rounds


Twitter users woke up on August 31 and allegedly viewed some explicit content of actor Peyton Meyer making roundsCredit: Getty – Contributor

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