Woolies’ sell-out $8 bubble tea kit a huge hit on TikTok

With its milky tea and delightfully chewy tapioca pearls — aka ‘boba’ — the Taiwanese drink bubble tea is a hugely popular drink sold at specialised cafes down under.

Thanks to the good folk at Woolworths, bubble tea lovers can now whip up their favourite sweet, creamy and oh-so-addictive beverage in the comfort of their own home.

A side by side image of two cups of bubble tea and TikTok user @char.mac98 holding a peach flavour Avalanche bubble tea kit from Woolworths

Bubble tea kits from Woolworths have been a huge hit on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/brittty.b (left), TikTok/char.mac98.

Woolies’ bubble tea a hit

The $8 DIY bubble tea kits from a New Zealand brand called Avalanche contain everything shoppers need to concoct their own drink: a tea sachet, pearls and even a straw.

Each kit makes five teas and comes in eight flavours: Milky (Original), Strawberry, Peach, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Mango, Matcha and Taro.

But, largely thanks to the power of social media, Woolies’ bubble tea kits have literally flown off the shelves since arriving in mid-June. While the brand’s smoothie and hot chocolate kits are available on Woolies’ website, the bubble tea kits aren’t.

Several TikTok users including @brittty.b and @char.mac98 have shared excited videos alerting their followers to the kits, with the former’s post racking up a whopping two million views.


Avalanche bubble tea kits on the shelf at Woolworths

The Avalanche bubble tea kits have flown off the shelves at Woolies. Photo: TikTok/brittty.b.

TikTok reviews

In her video, @char.mac98 demonstrates how to make the caramel flavour tea and says that despite being ‘skeptical’ at first she would ‘highly recommend’ the kit to others.

It seems as though her video has inspired a few of her followers to give the kits a go, with one writing in the comments, « You’ve sold them to me, » while another remarked, « Never knew you can make them at home ».

Others were disappointed to find empty shelves at their local Woolies, suggesting that the popular product is on its way to becoming a sought-after cult buy.

« I’ve been to Woolies 7 times since they came out and they’ve been completely sold out every time, » one user lamented.

« Keep trying, » encouraged @char.mac98.

The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond by Andrew Chau and Bin Chen, about $27 from Amazon. Photo: Amazon.

The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond by Andrew Chau and Bin Chen, about $27 from Amazon. Photo: Amazon.

In a statement to news.com.au, Woolworths Merchandise Manager, Cormac Deery, said that TikTok had clearly ‘played a large part’ in the product’s spike in popularity.

The kits are expected to be restocked in all states and territories except WA very soon.

In response to similar comments on her video, @brittty.b recommended a local Aussie company Boba Barista that also sells bubble tea kits.

Or you could take the plunge and make your own bubble tea from scratch using a recipe from The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond by Andrew Chau and Bin Chen, about $27 from Amazon.

Then, take your bew on the go in Bubble Tea Club’s Reusable Boba Cup, about $32.50 from Amazon which is BPA-free and comes with a screw on lid with stopper, wide reusable straw and a straw cleaner.

Bubble Tea Club's Reusable Boba Cup, about $32.50 from Amazon. Photo: Amazon.

Bubble Tea Club’s Reusable Boba Cup, about $32.50 from Amazon. Photo: Amazon.

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